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Trade Finance:

HPIL can provide export advance, Documentary letter of Credit to meet trade finance requirements. We also facilitates Back to back Letter  of Credit where exporter/importer's profit Margins are secured. HPIL can also fund importers against their Usance Letter of Credit.
We are extremely concious of cost effectiveness. Our continous endeavor is to bring the cost to client down. We work with minimum margins to creat long term business relationship.

Corporate Finance:

HPIL team has wealth of experience in corporate finance needs of clients.

We assist clients in developing, structuring and executing corporate transactions and capital raisings.

  • Pre-IPOs, IPOs, placings and capital restructurings

  • Public takeovers and mergers, reverse takeovers

  • Private acquisitions and disposals

  • Private fund raising

  • Project funding

  • Equity funding

  • Working capital

  • Forward/backward integration

We syndicate funding from private as well as institutional sources.

Private Equity:

HPIL has significant experience assisting companies in raising equity capital in the private markets. Through our professional relationships with and access to Investors, Private Equity Groups and a myriad of resources can provide businesses with the industry expertise, creative options and capital to achieve a variety of business objectives. We understand the unique financing requirements of many industries and leverage our long-standing relationships to ensure that our clients' strategic and financial requirements are achieved.

Discounting Securities:

HPIL through its association with some of the fortune 100 companies and network of international banks have arrangements to discount securities like Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, Usance LC (Negotiate), Avalised Promissory note, Time bank Deposits/ Drafts etc. The amount is of no contraint. If our standard procedure is adhered with, we can have a very short transaction turnaround time. Please contact us for procedure.


HPIL provides a comprehensive list of advisory services to clients considering strategies such as the sale of a company, division or operating unit, or the acquisition of a complimentary business. The firm has extensive experience advising boards of directors and special and independent committees, including providing fairness opinions and valuation analysis in many of these specific transactions.

Fairness Opinion:

HPIL assists boards of directors, investors, trustees, and other corporate and organizational leaders in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by providing them with unbiased opinions about the financial fairness of pending transactions. A comprehensive analysis, including thorough assessments of the proposed transaction as well as alternatives, allows clients to make informed decisions in the interests of their constituencies. A timely independent analysis may establish for the record that fiduciaries have adequately considered the proposed transaction and the potential alternatives, and have properly exercised their business judgment.



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